An Incisive Guide To Africa's Emerging Capital Market

Capital Markets African & Global Capital markets rule the ever changing global market space, providing the essential long-term financial muscle needed to lubricate the commercial/industrial wheels of economic progress. Thisrequires a clear understanding of how they work, their interrelationships with other economic infrastructures and organs of government policy making, as well as the benefits they generate for investors in these primary and secondary markets. This book provides an insight into emerging. capital markets, particularly those in Africa utilizing the Nigerian market as a' focal case. Within the global frame work of course, the work is underpinned by the existential theoretical construct of the current state of art as espouse in Hewlett-Packard International Exchange and Clearing Forum 6 and 7 in New York, 2005 and Dubai, 2006 respectively.

Coporate Proactive Management Case Study Approach

Corporate Proactive Management Covers core topics as the proactive process, defining a strategic vision, crafting a meaningful mission statement, defining the business, goals, objectives and critical success factors. It also provides a more meaningful approach to strategic management (CODES) as distinct from the rather unhelpful SWOT analysis. The book also discusses strrategic planning and strategy making, setting competitive strategy to improves performance and competitiveness through total quality management, corporate restructuring, business process re-engineering and business re-invention. All of these are discussed within the framework of proactivity, using specific illustrations of companies and their experience on every topic covered.